Bottom Boat Painting

Coastal Marine Yacht Service Center’s expertise and on-site marine painters and refinishing specialists are a key part of our integrated service facility. Our boatyard provides resurfacing and high quality coatings for yacht exteriors, above and below the water-line.

Our inside bay is fully-equipped, complete with air, refrigerated driers, electricity and AC cooling towers. Coastal Marine is a certified/authorized applicator of Seahawk. We have skilled professional boat painters and artisan with more than 20 years of experience, who are knowledgeable and extremely crafted in their line of work.

We work with the best professionals and marine products in the industry because we’re also boaters and know how important your investment is to you. Contact us today to get us started on making your next boating project a reality. Check out the below photos of our recent work, 78ft Marlow Yacht and Tampa Police Marine Unit

Below Waterline

  • Barrier coatings
  • Anti-fouling
  • Underwater running gear—shafts, props, cutlass bearing, shaft logs, rudders, and steering systems
  • Factory-authorized specialist center for SeaHawk anti-fouling and barrier coatings
  • Certified SeaHawk and Prop Speed applicators
  • Our process: Old bottom, Good condition: Pressure wash, heavy sand with 80 grit using our Festool HEPA vacuum sanders. Apply SH 1277 bottom paint primer, two coats SH antifouling paint, choice of colors and a third coat at the waterline
  • Old bottom, poor condition or Sandblast or remove previous coatings, inspect and evaluate moisture percentage rate, apply Tuff Stuff High-Build Epoxy Primer, two coats SH antifouling paint, choice of colors and a third coat at the waterline

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